Wolfhaven Irish Wolfhounds

Wolfhaven's Somebody to Love

Ch Connemara's Pagan Justice X Ch Wolfhavnen's Foolish Risque 

This boy is living up to his name, he is a jovial and loving boy, a bit of a Party boy really, even if it means having the fun all alone! True to his name Merc has a lot of Somebody's to love, he is co-owned with dear friends Casey Nesbitt and Donna Tomson and myself, we all have fallen under this silly gregarious boys spell. He lives in lovely home of Casey and is learning the ropes of how to be a good show dog with Donna...I am very excited for his future.


 Tipper (his whelping box name-see the tail) at three weeks, we start them young at Wolfhaven and he was a trooper from day one.

 11 wks