Wolfhaven Irish Wolfhounds



Typically here at Wolfhaven we whelp a litter once every two to three years, we also co-own some lovely hounds and are involved in every aspect with those litters as well. On this page I hope to post planned litters, but even if no litters are planned in the near future please feel free to contact us, as we are always happy to help you find a good breeder for your new puppy.  

   PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we are thrilled to announce the arrival of 11 beauties to our good friend Mindy Levin in Tennessee. March 13.


        Ch Connemara's Pagen Justice X Wolfhavens Affair to RememberKarma can be seen on her page. 



 Beautiful, healthy and Karma whelped them all without a hitch, I am so proud of this sweet girl. Can't wait to visit TN soon and my grand babies.