Wolfhaven Irish Wolfhounds

 Multi BIS, SBIS Can AM CH Wolfhaven's Fool Brick o'Gold C.G.N.

Berrigan is one of Q X Crush get that have made a mark for themselves, he certainly has made a mark on the lives of his co-owners Kathi and Dwayne Yorke. Berrigan was bred at Wolfhaven but his real development has been at kennel CuGein with Kathi and Dwayne as they develop the beginnings of their line.

 Berrigan at 8wks


 Berrigan and Jodi Alward at 3.5 years

 Berrigan at 4, winning Best in Show at Chatham KC April 2011

Berrigan and Jodi owning the ring and going Best in Specialty at Gazehound Ontario, Thank-you Team Berr for being behind this boy we all love so much, especially Kath and Dwayne. (photo credit Kathi Yorke)