Wolfhaven Irish Wolfhounds

                   "of great size and commanding appearance"



I am often asked why? Why on earth would I want these Giants living in my home and consuming my life?

Every breed has its attraction, an allure that draws certain people to be loyal. It is the essence of “being owned” by a certain breed that haunts your imagination, drives you as a dog show enthusiast and if your crazy enough, to breed. So many times judges have said to me, I love this breed but could not take the heartache. Always a bitter way to receive a ribbon, to be reminded of the hard side, the heart ache that is part of this breed, or any living creature that will one day leave us.

So what is it, why do we do this? Why dedicate our lives to this particular breed that offers so much but takes so much, a lot of heart to breed, support to rear and work to nurture into strong adult hounds. Gentle Giants, fierce warrior of myth both describe this breed, this breed that occupies our couches and hearts.

I have asked myself these questions often, why commit to a breed that has a shorter life span, takes more money to rear, more space to exercise, more of everything. Well the answer is found in the heart, as no other breed for me has been able to touch my heart, look into my soul and capture my imagination and create a desire to be a guardian of their future.

To live with Wolfhounds means to accommodate and adjust your life around their needs and requirements. We don’t have the cute little dog that people gush over; we have the big clumsy puppy that steps on your toes and leave a lake in the living room. We also have the breed that can lean on you and tell you with clear body language that you are their person, until you have experienced a wolfhound lean, you can’t appreciate. They can give a hug better than any breed on four legs, a head in the chest and gentle pressure, paws on the shoulders and a big kiss.

For me clear intelligence is a huge part of my desire to live with these amazing creatures. They think on their feet, whether it is chasing a lure and figuring out to cut a corner and save time, or figuring out how to open a door!  Wolfhounds don’t always want to please their owners, as independent thinkers; they often look at how a situation will benefit them. Independent thinking and intelligence speak to me, I don’t need a canine friend that looks to me for it’s every direction, rather a hound that anticipates my desires and is ahead of me, ready to participate on an equal level.

Oh, and that is certainly one of the other things about wolfhounds, they do truly believe they are our equals! Sitting on the couch like a person; front feet on the floor and hind quarters tucked neatly on the seat or chin on the table awaiting their plate to be set. They are in every way communicating their ability to understand and out wit us!

My effort to describe them, living with them and sharing our lives with them is falling far short, I am ashamed to say, but I know those who are owned by a wolfhound are right now giving that knowing nod, appreciating their canine family.